YouTube Channel Stats UWP App Update 1.3.3 Released

Release 1.3.3 for YouTube Channel Stats UWP App

Just a quick update on the progress of the app.  It has been in the Microsoft Store now for around five months, and has had two additional releases since its inception.

In November I added channel search functionality which made it much easier to obtain the channel ID for your YouTube channel that you wanted to get stats for.  While it all worked pretty well, the app was in dire need of a bit of a UI style makeover 😃

Well, the December release was aimed at exactly addressing this shortcoming.  The search page results list is now styled with channel thumbnails and a more appealing list item layout.  I'll show how this was done in a separate post shortly.  The main page got a makeover as well and now works better in portrait layout on smaller mobile phone screens. It also sports the addition of a channel thumbnail.

You might wonder how the app is tracking.  Here are a few current stats:
  • 5 months in the Microsoft Store
  • Over 1200 acquisitions
  • Over 1800 installations
  • Retention approx. 5% (Daily Active Users / Monthly Active Users)
All pretty interesting for something that started out as a learning exercise.  But what is next for the app?  Some interesting functionality I think would be to get some of the available analytics data into graphical views and charts, and possibly also some revenue metrics as many users of the app are likely to be content creators with monetized videos.  All in good time...

Best of all, the app is still available completely free of charge, with no annoying ads or in-app purchases.

If you are a Windows phone user who has a YouTube channel, this app is for you.  Grab it from the Microsoft Store and enjoy.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 🎄


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