AdSenseAccountStats App Reborn As AdsAccountStats - Finally

Is there a Windows app that can quickly show you the key metrics for your Google AdSense account?

Ah yes, wait a minute, there was this app called AdSenseAccountStats...  what happened to it again?Just kidding, check this post from a while back for an explanation why I had to pull it from the Microsoft Store.

AdSenseAccountStats Is Back - With A New Name

As mentioned in the previous post, I ended up simply renaming the app.  There is a bit of a process to step through, but luckily one can always find decent Microsoft knowledge articles on the interweb. If you are interested, check this blog post from the Windows App Consult Team.

In simple terms, follow these high level steps:

  1. Reserve new app name in the developer dashboard
  2. Update your manifest and app package, logos etc
  3. Create new store packages
  4. Create new submission and upload new packages
  5. Update your store listing details in the new submission
  6. Submit to store
  7. When approved and published, delete old app name
Refer to the above mentioned blog post for exact steps.  They all worked as described, although the 3rd step - creating new store packages - gave me some grief.   I experienced errors when building the release packages, complaining about the Display Name in the appxmanifest file.

The solution in the end was to re-create the package.xml file and re-associate the app with the Store, picking the new name (it eventually was visible and selectable in Visual Studio).  It did take a few attempts to get this right, but eventually came good.

Goodbye AdSenseAccountStats - Hello AdsAccountStats

Following this process should ensure that you don't lose the linkage of your app/packages and your app install base.  It is important to increment your version so that older packages will be deleted and apps updated to reflect the name name.

What next?  Go and get the app from the Microsoft Store of course 😀 if you don't have it already.  For now, there is no new or additional functionality, but when time permits there are a couple of improvements I would like to make and features to add.

Until then, enjoy the app once again as it stands.


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