Instagram Microphone Access Fix For Windows Phone Lumia 950

Hey fellow die-hard Windows Phone aficionados... If you are reading this you are most likely still using a Microsoft Windows Phone, such as the Lumia 950 or similar running Windows 10 and the Instagram app, correct? Me too 😁

Now, I thought I'd share the solution to a small but annoying issue with the latest version of the Instagram app on Windows 10 mobile. Whenever you start the app, Instagram asks for access to the camera and microphone of your phone. Sure, hey to get the most out of Insta these things are required so why not.

The Issue - Prompt for Microphone Access

The problem is that the screen pops with a couple of text links, which when tapped should change the relevant settings for camera and microphone access permissions. While the camera one works fine, the one for the microphone does not. Calamity. And here is the annoying part, the screen pops every time on start up, driving you crazy just a little bit...

The Solution - Grant Permissions Manually

Do not despair, the solution is very simple.  You can just add the required app permissions manually the old fashioned way.  Go into Settings - tap Microphone - find Instagram and flick the toggle switch to On

Voila.  Try and start the Instagram app and you will no longer see the annoying screen above prompting you for Microphone access.  Enjoy, and feel free to comment if this little gem has helped you.

#SaveWindowsPhone #Microsoft 😜

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