Universal Windows Apps

I have been dabbling for a bit now in Universal Windows (aka UWP) apps for the Windows mobile platform.  Yes, I know that the world has moved on and supposedly Windows mobile is "dead". I beg to differ.

Never mind, it's more like a hobby than anything serious and as such does not actually have to make sense to anyone, right? 😀.

My YouTube Channel Stats app is doing okay in the Windows store, with over 700 acquisitions / 1400 installations in the first 3 months.  That is actually kind of cool given there has not been any promotion, nor is the app super professional.  In fact, it's pretty basic but seems to have hit the spot as there do not seem to be any other apps in the Windows Store with the same functionality.

Anyway, following I'll post links to all apps as I create them - don't hold your breath though, it will be a slow process but I have a few ideas.

Logo App Title Windows Store Link Details Link
YouTube Channel Stats Get it Now Read More
Ads Account Stats Get it Now Read More
Heads Or Tails Get it Now Read More

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